Sumptuous Halwa Recipes For You All


Hey people, here are some sumptuous halwa recipes for you-have a look!

Potato halwa


50 gm boiled and mashed potatoes, 400 gm ghee, 10 cardamom, chandi vark, 3 kesar pieces, 400 gm sugar, kevra


Heat ghee in a pan and sauté cardamom in it.

Now add mashed potatoes in it.

Mix kesar in half cup milk and then add to the above mixture. Sauté on lo flame.

When the mixture turns to golden brown color, add sugar to it. Mix well.

When it got prepared, place it in a thali and top it with chandi vark.

Cut desired shape. Serve.

Gulab halwa


500 gm sooji, 1 kg sugar, 50 gm raisins, 25 gm pista, 500 gm ghee, 50 gm badam, 25 cardamom, kevra


Soak the sooji in water a night before in water.

Next morning, make nice dough of sooji with warm water. Keep it aside for 2hours.

After 2 hours, again blend the sooji with the left out water.

Heat ghee in a pan. Add beated sooji to it and sauté well.

Add sugar and chopped dry fruits to it with cardamom powder.

Mix all the ingredients well. Cook on low flame.

When sooji starts to become thick, take it off from the flame.

Add kevra or rose water in the end.


Coconut halwa


1 green coconut,  375 gm sugar, 25 gm chironji, 1 piece of dalchini, 500 gm milk, 25 cardamom, 25 gm pista


Break the coconut and grate it.

Bring boil to milk in a pan. When milk becomes thick in consistency, add grated coconut to it. Mix well.

Add dalchini and cardamom to milk.

Add chopped dry fruits.

Wash raisins well before adding to the milk.

When everything gets mixed well, add sugar and keep stirring.

Your halwa is ready.


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