Summer Hair Care Tips


summer-hair With the sun shinning directly over your head and your skin and hair being exposed to dry and hot conditions, you need something extra to keep your hair in healthy condition. That extra does not necessarily come from spending a bounty. Instead, some extra care of your hair and trying out certain natural home remedies can help you out. If you are wondering how, read ahead and find out for yourself.

With the dry winds and strong UV radiations, our hair usually tends to become dry, brittle and vulnerable to breakage. You need to choose a proper shampoo and conditioner and you can also go in for products that contain protection from UV rays. Proper conditioning of hair is essential to retain the moisture of hair and prevent it from excessive drying, which not only makes the hair lack luster, but also increases split ends and other hair problems.

Avoid excessive use of chemicals and stylizing products. Also, don’t overuse hair dryers as all that leads to drying and damaging of hair. Everyone loves to have a splash in the swimming pool during summer time. However, to protect your hair from damage from chlorine, deep condition your hair after swimming. Also, wear hats to prevent damage from harmful UV rays. There are also SPF sprays available to prevent your hair from damage caused by sun’s rays. These sprays are particularly considered beneficial for people with light colored hair. These sprays can also protect your hair from losing their color.

Along with the above given tips, don’t forget the basics of healthy and well balanced diet as your hair needs proper nutrients for staying healthy and naturally shining, irrespective of the season. Thus, follow the basic of hair care and some special care needed during summers to keep your hair naturally shinning with health.

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