Summer Foot Care Tips


We always need to take care of our feet to help it remain healthy and beautiful. And this care is needed more in summer due to its dry, humid and sweaty conditions. You need to take extra care and hygienic protection of your feet so that you can prevent them from various problems and infections like eczema, blisters and other fungal infections.

Not to forget- feet tend to get smelly in summers if proper care is not taken of them and who would like to have smelly and unhygienic feet? Thus, given are some tips to keep your feet healthy during summers.

With the coming of summers, comes the time when your feet should be allowed to breathe freely. That is to say, unlike winters when your feet are enclosed under shoes and socks, you should try to ventilate your feet during summers. Don’t enclose them for too long as socks and shoes can cramp your feet for fresh air and ventilation, which are extremely important during summers. Also, have two or three pairs of shoes as wearing one pair throughout the week can make your feet prone to infections and bad odor due to gradual accumulation of sweat. If wearing socks, remember to change them regularly. Open sandals are a best during summers. Thus, try to keep your feet open as much as you can, especially during summers.

While you might keep your facial skin regularly moisturized, you might forget the same for your feet. However, you need to ensure that you keep your feet clean and moisturized to prevent flakiness and dryness. After moisturizing your feet, always remember to ensure that your feet are thoroughly dried as moist feet are an invitation for fungal infections. Use foot powders during summer as they are of a great help.

Follow the above given tips to keep your feet naturally fresh, hygienic and healthy during the summer season in particular.

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