Suffering from heartburn? Here’s the solution.

If you suffering from heartburn just keep a note of following things in your mind and believe me, just by adjusting your food habits to a little, you can help leaps and bounds in solving your heartburn problem.
Cut down your consumption on spicy food that often leads to heartburn. If you find hard to resist those tempting and mouthwatering dishes, make sure you season them with little amount of pepper and chilies.

Try and opt for lean meats and non-fatty food items. No matter how much you love eating those cheese filed burgers and French fries, make sure you cut them from your eating lists for getting the rid of your heartburn problem.

Avoid eating acidic foodstuffs like grapevine, tomatoes, oranges and vinegar at your dinner time.

Also, watch out what you drink. Remember that alcoholic as well as carbonated drinks can be the major reasons for your heartburn problem. Instead opt for some natural drinks like a refreshing chilled glass of water, juices or coconut water.

Remember that size does matter, so better if you keep your meals smaller in size to keep the problem of heartburn at bay. Also, make sure you eat slowly and steadily. Just try to enjoy every bite in your mouth. It is a fact that people who tends to eat fast suffers from a high risk of heartburn than those who eat slowly and little and little.

Don’t just hit the bed after your dinner. Always wait for at least to three hours. It gives your stomach enough time to digest your food. Also avoid eating chewing gum at night as it increases the acid reflux and heartburn symptoms in your body.

Avoid wearing tight fitted clothes like tight belts, trousers and waist bands that press hard on your stomach and cause heartburn.

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