Sudden Infant Death Syndrome


sids As the name suggests, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS is a sudden death of an infant without any medical explanation. The death is sudden and is not caused by an underlying medical problem.

SIDS is frightening and leads to a lot of distress and grief to family members.

Though the cause of SIDS is under research, there are certain causes that are being associated with this problem and there are also some ways by which you can reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. This article will provide some detailed information on SIDS.

What is the cause behind the sudden death of an infant despite his being healthy is a question which is still being researched. However, there are certain theories that have brought to light some possible causes of SIDS.

To begin with, it is said that infants with some delayed development of certain areas of their brain are susceptible to SIDS. Making the infant sleep on his stomach, overheating the room or making the baby wear excessive clothing are some other causes that can lead to SIDS.

Here are some ways by which you can reduce the risk of your infant suddenly facing a fatal fate. Never make the baby sleep on his stomach. Instead, place your babies on their back while sleeping as this will reduce their risk of SIDS.

Don’t make your baby sleep with toys, pillows or quilt. This might suffocate the baby at night and lead to his sudden death. In addition, keep the room temperature comfortable.

It should neither be too warm, nor too cold. Also, dress your baby in light clothing while sleeping so that he feels comfortable and has a sound and a safe sleep.

Follow the above given preventive tips so that you can prevent your infant from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.