Spinal Tuberculosis


spinaltuberculo Spinal tuberculosis is also known as Pott’s disease and it is a kind of spine infection that leads to the destruction of bone, and even collapse of the vertebrae leading to spine deformity.

Spinal tuberculosis usually affects the lumbar spine and the lower thoracic spine. It can also affect your knees and hip region. Tuberculosis of the spine develops gradually and given below are some symptoms of it which can help you recognize Pott’s disease.

The most common symptom of spinal tuberculosis is back pain that can range from constant mild back pain to acute pain and spasms in back muscles.

The entire spinal region can ache. Usually, there is a localized back pain associated with Pott’s disease and this pain is mostly chronic.

The person affected can also experience pain and stiffness in limbs and can also restrict the movement of limbs and even paralyze them. Fever, weight loss, chest pain and night sweats are some other symptoms associated with Pott’s disease.

Spinal tuberculosis can lead to spinal cord compression and can thus lead to certain neurological problems. For instance, it can affect nerves and degrade your sensations.

It can also lead to other serious problems and complications like paresis, paraplegia, and severe kyphosis. Since spinal tuberculosis has the risk of deforming your spinal cord, there are people who suffer from a hunchback and a distorted posture due to this problem.

If you experience any of the above given symptoms, you should get yourself medically examined to diagnose the problem of spinal tuberculosis in its early stages.

Certain laboratory tests are conducted and the diagnosis of Pott’s disease is based on blood tests, bone scan and CT scan and radiography of the spinal region.

This problem can be treated via medicines and non-operative treatments as well as via surgery. It depends upon the severity and stage of the problem.

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  • I contracted spinal T.B 4 years ago ,I am numb from the waist down and it has been a living hell.i used to be a healthy out going fun loving guy untill T.B struck.Last year my blader stopped working and i had no control over It,I would pee myself 20 times a day and night.I lost 4 stone in weight.i now use a speed cathiter to emty my bladder.( it s a long tube you insert into your bladder to emty it.)The first year i could bairlly walk and used my wheel chair,I now use two walking sticks to aid my walking.I have painin my legs and mostly in my feet,this is a 24 hour pain,i also have very bad balance,I keep falling backwards because my feet are completly numb.I cannot wiggle my toes ,and I cannot lift my feet.I am completely numb in my backside ,my muscles do not work which causes bad constipation.My life has been destroyed by this disese,I will not recover from this and will be disabled for the resy of my life. If you are a t.b suffer or doctor ,any one with comments on T.B.please email me at [email protected].

  • I contracted spinal TB about an year back. Now I am on conservative treatment.

    In my case the only symptom I had was back pain. This disease has destroyed my life 🙁

  • Liz

    Five years ago I underwent a PPD skin test, which was strongly positive. I was sent for a test where stomach fluid was aspirated. This was found to be negative and I was sent on my way. At the time I was suffering with severe back pain, which wasn’t taken into account. Presently, I am almost crippled with back pain, have lost the ability to differenciate between hot and cold in my legs, have lost most of my strength in both arms and legs, and my spine is misshapen. I have a cough that won’t go away and generally fell like hell most of the time. I suffer extreme headaches, memory loss, bowel and urinary changes, drenching night sweats and chills and sweats during the day. Based on research I’ve done recently, it seems as if I should be tested for spinal TB, but trying to get Doctor’s here in Canada to LISTEN to me is an impossibility.

    I’m wondering when the so-called Doctors here in Canada will smarten up and test me for spinal TB, of which my grandfather died. I’m at the point where I’m considering taking out a loan and going to the Mayo Clinic for tests.

  • dinesh

    My father has been suffering from Pott’s disease (Spinal TB) since November 2009. He has slight relieve from back pain but he is now suffering from Urinal blockage and a tube is inserted into his Bladder to release the urine.

    His urinal problem started because of Pyrazinamide OR P-Zide (enzyme) medicine he was taking for Pott’s Disease (spinal TB).

    My Father has stopped taking P-Zide because of his urinal bladder blockage.

    He is currently taking Urotone 25 (Bethanechol) for Urinal problem but this medicine is not working. He was also taking Urimex which he stopped taking. He is currently taking only Urotone but this medicine is not effective.

    I would appreciate of someone can suggest or comment on any better treatment or medicine for Urinal blockage problem.

  • Abrar

    i have back pain in my spine for 6 month i checked from many doctors but every doctor told me about some tests. after MRI doctor decide to take sample from my spine after that they test it and tell me that i have spinal TB now i recover it. but during 6 months it destroy my life….

  • Delma

    @ Abrar…… My mom has got spinal TB too. How did you get cured? My mom is taking medicine but she says there is pain in the lower part of the body also. What symptoms did you have during the process of taking that medicine. Please if you can tell me , i would be grateful to you really.

  • Delma

    To pee again and again is also a sign of having spinal TB? Some body help me. My mom was diagonised having spinal TB. She pees more frequently which worries me a lot.

  • S.Prakash

    I found that most of the spinal cord TB patients are having the history of deep cut leg injuries but doctors do not accept this. The spinal cord TB noticed only after two years of leg injuries are common.I don’t know how far this comparison is correct.So those are having similar this infection may share with me.

  • maureen

    my 8 years old niece recently tested positive for spinal tb,it worries me alot despite having started medication she cannot attend school as she experiences convulsions daily,is there something that can be done to stop this?

  • Emilie

    My father is suffering from spinal tuberculosis since one year ago.He is 77 years old now.recently, may be one month ago, the doctors discovered it. he can be recovered by taking medicine?

  • simantika

    kindly advice how did u get over it…my aunt is also suffering from the same since 6 months
    plssss do reply….


  • shankar

    can you just tell me the precautions you have taken to cure the spine tb as my mom also facing with the same kind of problem. doctor said that almost 60% of the bone in the spine is damaged due to tb and suggested to go for surgery.

  • LIZ

    Were you ever diagnosed?