Skin Problems During Pregnancy


You must have heard of the popular saying that a woman’s face and skin attains a natural glow and radiance during pregnancy. After all, the coming of a new life and the blissful experience of approaching motherhood clearly gets reflected through the glow of the woman’s skin.

However, there are certain skin problems which occur during the pregnancy period and given below are such problems with their causes, effects and cures.

If the hormone changes during the pregnancy period can bring a glow on your face, the same hormonal change can also lead to few skin problems like pregnancy marks, hyper pigmentation, pimples, acne, rashes, itchiness, and even heat rashes. And the most common by-product of pregnancy is stretch marks- a fact known by almost all women. Let’s look at these skin problems in detail.

Pregnancy leads to hormonal changes which in turn lead to formation of pimples and acne. Never scratch or peel them as that can lead to formation of permanent scars on your skin. Regular cleansing of face and using an oil-free moisturizer is advised during pregnancy to prevent unwanted pimples and acne. Another skin problem common during pregnancy is Linea nigra which is a dark line that extends from the stomach region to the pubic area.

Pregnancy implies sudden weight gain and that implies welcoming of stretch marks. Keeping yourself hydrated and moisturizing your body regularly can help prevent stretch marks. Similarly, weight gain during pregnancy also leads to chafing between thighs and region underneath breasts leading to red, moist skin.  Many pregnant women also complain of visible veins on the skin and other skin problems like melasma, and darkening of moles.

While simple and natural skin care can help get over these temporal skin changes during pregnancy, consult a doctor if your skin becomes highly sensitive, inflamed and painful.


  • Agnes Acaya

    Can my ordinary body lotion help prevent stretch marks? How about powdered juice drinks, are those healthy also? thanks!