Skin Pigmentation


vitiligo Are you worried and ashamed of your dark or pigmented skin? Many people suffer from the problem of skin pigmentation which in simple terms is excessive darkening or even loss of color in your overall skin or certain sections of it. 

There are various causes of it, right from dietary inadequacies to some underlying medical condition. This article will bring to light the various causes of skin pigmentation.

Many of you might be troubled with a darker skin tone than normal. This can be a result of over production of melanin and this condition is medically termed as hyper pigmentation.

Along with excessive melanin production, hyper pigmentation can also be caused by over exposure to sun, during pregnancy and also due to Addison’s disease.

If over production of melanin and darkening of skin is a problem, then you also have skin pigmentation which is caused by lack of melanin production in the body.

This in turn leads to hypo pigmentation or extreme white and pale skin or patches of it. This problem is medically termed as Albinism.

There are also people who suffer from liver spots on skin which are a common result of skin damage by sun. Excessive sun exposure can also lead to various other skin problems like freckles.

Skin pigmentation can also be a result of some hormonal changes in the body and thus it has been found that many pregnant women suffer from different kinds of skin pigmentation.

If your skin is suddenly changing colors like becoming light pale or purplish, then it is an indicator of some underlying medical condition. For instance, people suffering from jaundice often display a pale and yellow skin while those having inadequate oxygen supply in their body tend to have a bluish or purplish color.

As mentioned above, there are various causes for skin pigmentation and you need to understand the cause of it to effectively treat it.

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