Skin care of your baby


Skin care of your baby is very much important part for keeping your baby in healthy and fine state. We all know that diaper rash and prickly heat are two most common skin irritations that gets develop on your infant’s skin. This article is based on the treatment of both these skin allergies- just read them!

Diaper rash is the result of the skin being irritated by urine and stools, the laundry products used on the diapers, or the chemicals used in the disposable diapers. Some babies also break out in diaper rash at the time of teething. So for treating a diaper rash, wash the bottom of your baby with warm water. If a baby has a bowel movement, don’t forget to use soap and water. Always make sure to dry the baby well, especially in the folds of his or her skin. You can apply petroleum jelly or medicated ointment if desired. If you are using cloth diapers, then avoid using plastic pants. Exposing the irritated area to air greatly helps in treating diaper rash.

Prickly heat is another type of rash which is common in babies. It usually occurs if the weather is warm or the baby is overdressed. Most new parents tend to overdress their infants. Remember that a baby should be dressed just like an adult or older child. If it is 90degree outside, then certainly you don’t need a sweater and neither does your baby. Make sure to wash all baby clothes and beddings with special baby detergent before using them for the first time. This will avoid any type of skin rashes or allergies to affect your baby. You should also use a softener diluted in rinse water because the softener on dryer sheets is not rinsed out, is usually perfumed, and may cause a skin reaction in the baby.

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