Skin Cancer Prevention through Nutrition


artichoke The importance of good nutrition is increasing manifold. From keeping your mind and body healthy to preventing skin cancer, a nutritious diet is all it takes to remain healthy and happy.

There are various causes for skin cancer, with excessive exposure to UV rays topping the list. Genetics, family history of cancer, age, and skin lesions are some of the other causes of skin cancer.

Nutrition is both a cause and a remedy for skin cancer. If poor nutrition can increase your vulnerability to skin cancer, a proper nutritious diet can help in preventing and even treating the problem of skin cancer.

This article will throw light on how skin cancer can be prevented through nutrition.

Nutrition is becoming associated with the buzzword ‘beauty’. This is because nutrients help in providing you with a naturally healthy, glowing and a radiant skin and it also provides protection against the dangerous skin cancer. Let’s look at what kind of nutrients can shield your skin from cancer.

You must remember that beauty is not only skin deep, it owes a lot to what you eat and how healthy your body remains. Antioxidants are extremely beneficial for your skin. Vitamin A, C, E and zinc are beneficial in protecting your skin from cancer.

Having whole grain cereal, wheat germ, sea food, sesame seeds and mushrooms can benefit your skin. This is because such food items are rich in selenium which in turn helps in providing protection against cancer causing agents.

As mentioned above, Vitamin E is particularly beneficial for your skin as it helps in keeping your skin naturally healthy and beautiful. In addition, it is said that Vitamin E can help in reversing the newly formed cancer cells back into normal cells. Thus, it is extremely beneficial in naturally preventing and treating the problem of skin cancer.

You must include the above mentioned nutrients in your diet so that you have a healthy skin complemented by a healthy body.

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