Single Parenting

Being a single parent is not easy. It is a challenging task as along with answering to your child’s simple but troubling questions, one also has to face the pressures of the social world. There is a lot of ignorance and myths associated with the whole concept of single parenting which leads to a creation of a social stigma regarding this whole concept. However, if you are a single parent, you should develop the much required self esteem and confidence to face the world along with helping your child to develop into a successful human being.

It is generally believed that children of single parents often face psychological, emotional and behavioral problems. However, if you are a single parent, you can ensure the healthy growth of your child by following certain basic tips. Children require love, care and protection the most to grow up in a healthy environment. Thus, as a parent you must ensure that your child gets adequate love so that there is no emotional void in him. Since you have to give your child a dual dose of love to make up for the absent parent, you must ensure that you spend quality time with him. Many single parents love their children but face the difficulty in expressing the intensity of that love due to shortage of time or any other personal problem. Even if you are busy in your professional life which is necessary to secure economic independence, you must ensure that you spend quality time with your child. This in turn would shield your child from emotional and behavioral problems. In addition, you must be open with your child and should teach him to face the world with confidence and strength. Similarly, you should answer your child’s queries with patience as leaving the child’s questions unanswered leads to a development of psychological insecurity in the child which in turn can become the cause of his behavioral and emotional problems. Going out for family dinners, helping the child make new friends, encouraging and strengthening them and other basic activities can help provide the child with a healthy environment to grow up in. Most importantly, as a single parent, you should yourself develop the strength and self-confidence which can later on be instilled in your child. Last but not the least, become your child’s best friend to ensure his healthy development.

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