Signs Of A True Friend

True Friend

Life can be tough or rude to you. It can bring innumerable challenges and difficulties for you. But you can face it all if you have someone to support you and stay beside you through good and bad times. This someone is a very important person in our life whom we call a “Friend”. Though finding a true friend may not be that easy and sometimes even if we find a true friend, we may not realize it. So, who is a true friend? What are the signs and qualities of a true friend? How to recognize a true friend? To find answers to all your questions, read on. 

The most noticeable sign of a true friend is that he will always be concerned about your well being and benefit. It may not do any good to him or may even be against his interests. But if he is your true friend then he will not be bothered about his own interest and will be sincerely concerned about you. He will be there for you when the rest of the world has turned its back towards you. He will support you in every move of your life and encourage you to proceed on.

If someone is your true friend then you will not need to observe any courtesies or formalities with him and neither will he maintain them with you. You can be yourself in front of that person and you can be sure that he will not misjudge you or think wrong about you.

He is a person whom you can call at any hour of the day or can drop in at his place at odd hours, but he will not mind it. He will listen to all your problems and experiences with full attention and will keep your secrets like his own. You can share your sorrows as easily with him as you share your joys and he will be there to share them with you and feel equally sad or happy.

He is that person who will warn you of the wrong path. He will rectify your mistakes and point them to you, even if you don’t like it, so that you don’t repeat it in future.

If you find these signs in your friend, then consider yourself as one of the lucky few who have the most valuable gift from God – a True Friend.