Signs Of A Miscarriage

Signs Of A Miscarriage

Signs Of A Miscarriage

Every woman dreads at the mere thought of a miscarriage. Miscarriage refers to loss of fetus before twenty weeks of pregnancy and it is one of the most shattering experiences for any woman.  Pregnancy brings hope and delight to every woman as it marks the beginning of a memorable experience in which every woman waits for the golden moment of having a baby in her lap. For healthy pregnancy, you need to be aware of the signs and symptoms of miscarriage as ignorance is not always bliss.

Every woman is afraid of vaginal bleeding during her pregnancy days. This is because vaginal bleeding of nay kind, ranging from spotting to heavy bleeding, is seen as a sign of miscarriage. Though it is not necessary that vaginal bleeding necessarily refers to a miscarriage, it is a sign of some problem if it occurs during pregnancy and thus, one should get oneself checked on time.

Vaginal Bleeding During Pregnancy

Pains and cramps in the abdomen region or in the lower back region should not be taken lightly during the pregnancy stage. This is because unusual pain in the pelvic region or sever pain in the abdomen region and other parts of the body like thighs and genital regions are seen as some symptoms of miscarriage. Also, any kind of unusual discharge from the vaginal region should be reported to your doctor.

Pains and Cramps

Apart from the above mentioned signs, there are also some other symptoms associated with a miscarriage. This includes unexpected weight loss, failure to hear the fetal heartbeat, burning sensation in the vagina, decreased breast tenderness, and other unusual symptoms.

Unexpected Weight Loss

Thus, being aware of the symptoms of miscarriage is essential to get timely examination and treatment done. However, do not get disheartened and heartbroken if you are witnessing the above given symptoms as they can be associated with some other problem too.


  • just reading and checking some signs of misscarrige. my sister just found out she lost her baby very early on her pregancy. were just trying to figure out what went wrong she already has a 4 year old daughter and everything was normal with that pregancy no complications or anything….