Side Effects of Drinking Soda

Whether you go to a party, to a marriage or whenever you want to celebrate anything, one often indulges in the consumption of soda, especially in the form of soft drinks. It is not only about celebration time, soda’ s consumption is increasing in almost every household where instead of having water or liquids, people consume soft drinks. A part of rise in this consumption can be attributed to luring advertisements that have been successful in attracting youngsters in particular. While many of us gulp down bottles after bottles of soda drink, not too many of us are aware that too much of soda intake can have potentially harsh effects on one’s body.

Have you ever wondered why only water is effective in quenching your thirst? Despite drinking loads of soda drinks, one often feels thirsty because soda consists of certain chemicals that make one feel dehydrated. It is due to this reason that soda drinks can never be effective in quenching your thirst. On the contrary, they can increase it due to the dehydration of the body which is brought about by their excessive intake. Moreover, if you wonder about your growing weight, you should stop the intake of soft drinks as soda is full of sugar and high fructose which can lead to addition of calories in one’s body. However, these are empty calories as they do not provide any energy or nutrition to the body. In addition, the sugar in soda will also lead to a rise in blood sugar which can also cause faintness and rapid heartbeat. Other problems like osteoporosis, weight gain, calcium depletion in the body and eroding of tooth enamel is all related to the excessive intake of soda. Drinking of soda can slowly turn into a harmful addiction as it is loaded with the stimulant caffeine which along with causing addiction, also leads to calcium depletion from the body. By indulging in excessive intake of soda, one actually risks one’s body to various diseases, the most common being gastrointestinal disturbances and insomnia. One should thus analyze the harmful side effects of drinking soda before getting attracted by the false luring advertisements.

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