Side Effects of Chemotherapy


Chemotherapy is the name given to treatment which involves the use of drugs and medications for the treatment of cancer. Cancer is a dreaded term and often the news of a person suffering from cancer shatters the person affected as well as his near and dear ones. Chemotherapy comes as a ray of hope for such people as it tries to effectively treat various kinds of cancers. However, chemotherapy comes with its own set of disadvantages and these side-effects are listed below.

You must have often heard and even witnessed excessive hair fall in a person undergoing chemotherapy treatment. Hair fall is one of the most common side-effect of cancer treatment and many a times, it can lead to a person becoming bald or being left with weak and minimal hair. However, the side-effects of chemotherapy varies person to person and also depends upon the intensity of problem and the overall health of a person.

Other side-effects of chemotherapy include dry and itchy skin. Usually, people undergoing this treatment end up having cracked and flaky skin caused due to excessive dryness. This is because chemotherapy can make the skin lose its essential oils and thus become dry and irritated. Also, this treatment can lead to a person gaining or losing weight.

Not only does chemotherapy affect the general appearance of the person, but its side-effects also include certain physical discomforts and ailments. For instance, chemotherapy often makes the person fatigued and weak. Nausea, constipation, diarrhea, and changes in taste buds are some other common side-effects of chemotherapy.

While chemotherapy is an important mode of treatment for cancer, one should be aware of its side-effects to be mentally and physically prepared. Additionally, awareness makes it possible for a person to effectively talk about the problem with the doctor prior to treatment itself. This helps in avoiding unwanted complexities.

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