Sibling Rivalry: Tips For Courteous Relationships Among Siblings

respecting siblings

For siblings, it is very easy to fall in the vicious of rivalry. No matter how good-natured each of the siblings is, it exists to some degree.

Often jealousy is the root cause of this rivalry and jealousy in itself is not an emotion. It is rather a mask, covering other emotions and dealing with it is sometimes really a difficult task.

An idea of a ‘perfect family’ gives an impression of an ecstatically happy family where sibling rivalry would not perhaps exist. But those families seem to live in an illusion. It is on you to decide whether you live in that ‘perfect’ family or not.

Siblings fight even when they attain maturity. But in adulthood, fist flying over a broken doll or a favorite car does not happen. It becomes important to get along against odds.

A few Words of Advice
Respect Each Other: Mutual respect is a very important factor. ‘Respect for the individual’ is the key to realize that all of us are different individuals. Though we may come from a similar gene pool, we still aren’t the same.

You may not always agree with your siblings, but there has to be a sense of respect for their right to make choices, as long as they do the same. It doesn’t mean that you should not air your opinions, but you have to be cautious of how we do. The way you talk and express your ideas can bring a big difference in your world.

Communication: Difficult matters are required to be addressed from time to time. And it becomes more important when a family decision is involved. Courtesy is often contagious, as they say. So, better talk to your siblings the same way as you would like them with yourself.

Understanding: Empathy is the key to a great understanding among siblings. “Walk a mile in my shoes”, apply this saying in your relationships and you would be surprised to see the way it changes your view on some matters.

What is right or wrong is generally a point of view.
At the last, but not the least, just give it a thought and realization that ‘One day, they may be all what you have.’ Each one of us would be fortunate if we remember it.


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