Shoe Bites: Causes and Prevention

Are you one of those who have bought new and funky shoes but are facing difficulty in wearing them due to feet related problems which occur after wearing them? Many women seem to face the problem of shoe bites which is nothing but calluses, corns, hammertoes and rashes which generally occurs after wearing new footwear. While most of us blame the shoes for all such problems, the fact lies that one generally tends to buy funky and good looking footwear which might not be too healthy for our feet due to improper size, quality and material of it. Wearing such shoes lead to painful foot deformities which we commonly refer to as “shoe bites”.

The primary reason for shoe bites are new or ill fitting shoes which can lead to various painful foot problems. However, this is a problem which can be easily prevented by following some basic guidelines. The basic way of treating or preventing shoe bites is by buying a shoe of optimum fit which is neither too small nor too large for one’s feet. However, there are also some people who suffer from shoe bites from new shoes despite their being of proper size and quality. To prevent that, one can apply little petroleum jelly on the inside of the new shoe before wearing it. This jelly should be kept overnight and should be wiped off in the morning before wearing the shoe. This would help a great deal in preventing shoe bites which occur due to the wearing of new shoes. Similarly, one can apply coconut oil or castor oil in the portion which is inside the shoes for at least three nights before wearing them. This makes the inside of the footwear soft which in turn can help in preventing shoe bites caused by the new and rough surface of the shoes.

In case one is already suffering from shoe bites which are painful and sore, one should try some natural and home made remedies to get rid of them. One of such effective methods is the application of a neem and turmeric paste on the affected area which can provide effective relief to the foot. By following certain preventive methods, one can ensure that the new bought footwear suits and adds to one’s style and does not injure and hamper the health of one’s foot.