Sexual problems suffered by your man

Undoubtedly if your man is suffering from a sexual problem, he will certainly freeze over that before he goes to the doctor. So, don’t try to make it a big deal just take the matter into your own hands and deal with it intelligently.

He can’t reach orgasm
Often men tense up with a partner simply because they are worried about something. Tell him, that usually problem is all in the mind. May be, he is worried about that he is not a good lover or something else that’s what might be distracting his attention. Make sure you talk to him through, so that when you both are in bedroom, you guys can concentrate over your love making session instead of worrying about petty issues. Men usually respond to visual stimulation so try having sex with lights on and sexy lingerie. You can even try sex from behind; here the penetration is deeper so he will find it easier to reach the climax.

He relies on erotica
Men who have used a lot of erotica often develop a ‘high arousal thresh hold’-if he is always used videos and magazines he may be struck in a pattern. This situation might be temporary or he is stressed out and needs more stimuli than usual. For this, you both can startup different ways that can boost your sex life. You can initiate your sexual session in different positions and even different part of your house too. You can even incorporate visual aids into your sexual life.

Communication plays a great role for achieving a good sexual life. If something is bothering your partner, talk over it instead of fretting over the issue. Remember that Pouting and sulking doesn’t help in long run; just be open to each other.

  • The post offers valuable information on men’s issue.I would like to contribute to it.Really you must be discuss on your love life with your partener.You should be aware about your partner sexual desire, sexual fantasy. What problem you face during intercourse? May be your partner is not comfortable during oral love. So I would suggest that men should be more aware of all these issues. You have to concentrate on your healthy diet and cleanliness, freshness to semen taste.Being a men you always have to be responsible for your health.