Self Tanning Tips


Everyone these days loves to have a bronzed and tanned look. Nicely sculpted bronzed body is in. However, getting this tanned look from the natural tan of sun can be quite damaging to the skin. It can lead to various problems like skin rashes, premature wrinkles, fine lines and even skin cancer in extreme cases. Thus, self tanning products have become quite popular. However attaining that faux glow through self tanners is also not that simple. You need to follow certain guidance and tips to avoid common mistakes and problems.

All self tanners available in markets have a chemical which temporarily stains the uppermost layer of your skin to provide you with a tanned look. However, there are certain precautions and tips you must follow to get that tan in a healthy and safe way. First of all, always remember to moisturize and exfoliate your skin before using a self tanner.

This is because you need to even out and soften your skin for an even tan. You need to smooth out the uneven parts of your skin to avoid uneven tans. After all, you want your tan to look natural, not patchy and uneven. Also, to get the most natural look, dilute the self tanner with an equal amount of moisturizer before applying in on your feet, knees, elbows and ankles.

Moisturizing the skin where the tanning needs to be done also helps in preventing unwanted streaking. Moreover, tanners with built-in tints also work to minimize the risk of streaks. Thus, you can try those out if your skin is prone to streaking. It is advised that one should not apply the self tanning product on nails as they turn orange. Also, remember to wash your hands well after applying self tanning lotion. Follow these tips for safe, healthy and proper self tanning.

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