Seductress in Disguise

The art of seduction is not a common one, but if learnt, it can be a lethal weapon. Being a woman is quite an empowering aspect, as you get to control the reigns of your relationship! While the occasional flirt is cute, there are times when being a hardcore seductress takes your relationship to a new height.

Make your man, all yours through the art of seduction, when you get to power all his senses and more. Men want nothing more than love and passion in their partner and if are offered the right blend, well, he is at your service!

Firstly, learn to love yourself. Be confidant about your looks and features. Laws of attraction work in favor of those who know how to use their best features! Be it your hair, eyes or lips; learn to enhance them with the right amount of make-up. Confidence is an attractive feature in itself, coming across as a ‘silent power’ gets your man’s attention instantly.

Never be too strong or too aggressive in your approach, as it can be a turn-off. Next important tip is to treat your man like a king. Every human has a tendency to be pampered, making your man the centre of your universe is the perfect move. However, too much of anything can back-fire, so be sure to be smart. Compliment him, but not too much or too often. Be genuine in your care, after all he is worth it!

Taking special care of your appearance is a must. Most men do not like make-up, but that does not mean you look like a rag at all times. Take special care about your appearance, enhance your features and use make-up where and when required. Going for skin and hair treatments is a good idea, all the better to feel and look good from within. Keep a check of your clothes and be sure to be dressed well most times. It is not necessary that you wait for a party or celebration to look good, make your man your occasion and dress-up for him.

Mystery is sexy, mystery is magical. Hide some; reveal some about your personality. No matter how many years you have spent together in marriage, let there be suspense about you. Men love mysterious women, as it keeps their quest on. Have an air of that erotic ‘unknown’ about yourself and you will have enslaved his imagination, forever.