Right way to end the relationship with your lover

First of all make sure you end your relationship with your lover in a person. Do not seek the help of your phone call or by writing a message for the same on his or her phone. Be mature enough for tackling the news of breakup and took the responsibility for doing so in a grown up manner.

Decide on the right location for a breakup. Avoid doing so in your house for you can’t call off the relationship and then ask the person to leave. So better choose a neutral location for breakup such as café, park, whichever place you choose make sure both of you are comfortable there.

Try to keep the things and conversation brief and to the point. The person involved will definitely want to know what he or she did that made you to reach the decision of ending the relationship. Just state your arguments briefly and in simple way. Don’t make speeches about the things you dislike in him or her. It will, certainly make them feel worse plus won’t even serve any purpose.

It is important that you make a mental note of all the things that you wish him or her to return to you or any of his or her items that you currently possess to be returned back to them. After ending your relationship, just exchange the things, the way you both want to as it is the right thing to do.

Try to end up your relationship on a clean and clear note. It would be healthier and wise for both of you to avoid the contact of a person after your break up for at least few months so that you both do not give false sense of hope to each other of reconciling back again in future.