4 Requirements For Virtual Assistants

Requirements For Virtual Assistants

Requirements For Virtual Assistants

Virtual Assistants (VA) provide services for their clients from home based office. They work as independent contractors and perform a wide variety of tasks, both technical and administrative. 

A virtual assistant does their job with the help of internet, emails, fax, telephone lines and other online work spaces. They can work for a single company or can have multiple clients.  It’s a perfect home based business since it does not involve factors like commute  and setting up of office.

4 Job Opportunities For Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants can offer services based on their skill set and abilities. Generally, you will find VA’s working on internet research, writing and editing, transcription, data entry, website maintenance, bookkeeping, human resources, customer support, marketing support, database services, paralegal assistance and much more.

Virtual assistants

Finding a job as a virtual assistant is not that difficult too. You can browse the internet and find out the companies and websites that hire virtual assistants. You can seek freelance work too. The virtual assistance business is one of the fastest growing home based businesses today, as there are more people wanting to work from home to balance their professional as well as personal life.

Basic Requirements For Virtual Assistants

The basic qualifications for virtual assistants differ depending on the field that they choose to work. Suppose, if a person wants to become a virtual legal assistant, then he should have desired professional degree in paralegal sciences. Similarly, other fields also require basic qualifications. The scope of getting a better job with a decent pay increases with your qualification, experience and skills.

Certified virtual assistant

Experience in any administrative assistant role will definitely enhance the marketability in this business. Certifications are available for becoming a certified virtual assistant. The International Virtual Assistants Association (IVAA) is a trusted organization which offers training and certifications in virtual assistance. Time management skills and communication skills are extremely necessary for gaining remarkable positions in this field.

Benefits Of Virtual Assistance Business

As with any other job, virtual assistance business too has got its own share of benefits and drawbacks. Being able to work from home and not having a boss to overlook your work are the major plus points. The earning potential for this VA business is relatively good. Since a VA is not an employee of a company, he/she can have multiple clients and hence multiple streams of income.

Work from home

It’s a highly portable career too. No matter where you are and what you are doing, you can always resume your virtual assistance business as long as you have a trusted high speed internet connection and a computer.

Drawbacks Of Virtual Assistance Business

On the other side of the coin, the VA business has certain setbacks too. It’s a highly competitive business as there are more people vying for a limited number of positions. Employee benefits like leaves and insurance will not be available. Small business owners often benefit from hiring virtual assistants as they need not give compensation benefits, paid vacation, insurance and so on.

Drawbacks Of Virtual Assistance

Do not plot out your future as in a formal business plan. Obstacles, unforeseen opportunities, rotten luck, great offers and unpredictable changes are bound to crop up.