Relationships : Do’s and Don’ts of a Successful Relationship

Do's and Don'ts of a successful relationship

Being in a committed relationship can be rewarding and at the same time, extremely stressful. Knowing that your partner loves you and would go to any lengths to tell you the same can be quite romantic.

On the other hand, a partner who takes you for granted and does not give you the respect that you deserve can be quite unnerving to deal with. But these are not the only things that are considered important in a relationship.

According to a girl, the perfect relationship can only be achieved if “he” includes her in everything he says and does. While this may sound quite appropriate, the truth is far from it. If you are in a commited relationship with an individual and want to know how to make it last, here are a few tips and tricks.

Over Exposure: This term can be related to several celebrity couples whose relationships came to an abrupt end after exposing themselves to the public too much. Don’t expect your boyfriend to proclaim his love for you as soon as you start dating.

Boys tend to be slower and more cautious than girls in making their relationsip public and expecting them to change overnight can put undue pressure on them. Work slowly on developing the relationship and let time bring you closer togther.

Reveal your relationship to your friends and others only after you have stood ground as a couple for more than 6 months. Don’t expose each and every detail of your relationship before it blossoms into something special. You will only succeed in straining it with too much public glare.

Getting Physical: Physical intimacy is a must in every relationship. However, getting physical too soon can be dangerous and can spell doom to the relationship in the long run.

Great chemistry, both mentally and sexually can help in strenghtening the bond and while physical relationships were considered a sacrilege in the olden days, the newer generations prefer to go to the farthest extremes on the first date itself.

On the other hand, wanting to get physical too soon can also put you in the wrong light in front of your boyfriend who might feel pressurized by your gestures.

The best way to combat this issue is to go by your instinct, make a choice and stick to your decision. If you are sure you want to get physical, go ahead and do it! But be completely sure and stay safe lest you want to worry about the repurcusions at a later stage.

Separate social and professional lives: Most women who have boyfriends think that hanging out with each other pals can be quite welcoming and refreshing for a lasting relationship.

However, being in close proximity to each others friends can have its side effects. Comparisons start alongwith rumors, gossips, back biting and what not!

This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to abhor your boyfriends’ friends completely. Give each other enough space to make you closer.

Don’t become a package deal and hang out together everywhere you go. Try to avoid mixing your friends as much as possible and have different social lives to the extent that at the end of the day, you have enough time and space to be single and yet find it blissful to run into each other’s arms when you meet.

Don’t always be the girl next door: Remember those Archie comics we were crazy about as kids? Although Betty was the nicest girl around, Archie always ended up in Veronica’a hands. And that was because Veronica knew what she wanted and put her foot down every time she wanted it.

The same principle can be applied to daily life where sweetness tends to become boring and dismissive after a while. You can be sweet and submissive only up to the point where you don’t need to compromise your values and choices in life.

Your boyfriend would definitely like you more if you put down your foot and be firm at times when you know you simply cannot put up with something.

Don’t expect everything to be perfect in the relationship and give room for flaws which would turn an otherwise bland association into a more frivolous and long lasting affair.

Don’t play hard to get: In today’s fast paced life, playing hard to get is the last thing you would want to do to attract a guy. Men prefer honest and straightforward women whom they can trust and don’t neet to woo continually.

A few mind games won’t hurt only if they don’t end up as a teaser. With the catch and play phrase becoming passe, it is considered safer to be straight and follow your heart even if it means getting a few burns in the process.

Accordingly, if you are interested in a guy, express it wholeheartedly instead of leading him on a wild goose chase to the point that he becomes frustated and moves on. The quality and love in a relationship remains intact only if you keep it two sided and well balanced.

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