Recommended Medicines: Combat Labor Pain

Combat Labor Pain

For all the publicity of Yoga, meditation etc. are getting, it is still medicines that an overwhelming percentage of mothers-to-be resort to when they experience pain in some part of their body. 

After all, that is what everybody does. And, your gynecologist has only recommended it and not some esoteric yoga. And, pop a pill into your mouth and you are most likely out of pain in a short while and you can go about doing your chore.

Demerol is supposed to be a good pain relief medicine. An injection takes only some seconds and you are done with it. On the other hand, intravenous administration takes some time. Not all the mothers react the same way to this medicine. Some could take it well without much adverse reaction. Others may have nausea. Still others may feel drowsy.  During the labor, if this is administered, the baby could also have the same symptoms after birth but do not worry. The symptoms will disappear after a while though nursing will be difficult.

Spinal Block is injected to make the lower part of the body anesthetized thereby reduce the pain. The injection is given at the lower back.  It is possible for the baby to get distressed and a drowsiness may come lover them. So, this is not to be resorted to very often.

Epidural is a very popular medicine that can make the lower part of the body go numb. One disadvantage is that it can give a mighty headache for a few days after the delivery. However such post delivery symptoms depend upon person to person. The baby’s heart beat may also get lowered. Advisably, it is best to give this under the direct supervision of an anesthesian.

Since they are well trained for the injection of Epidural under back vain and remove the labor pain sensation, however women still feel the contractions and the sensation of baby coming out. This is one of the most adopted methods in USA and majority of doctors recommend delivery with the help of Epidural.

Till birth takes place anesthesian keeps the watch over appropriate medicine injected till birth takes place and after delivery they would be able to check the pulse of the baby whenever required.