Read out what your shoes say!

Flamboyancy or flighty, loving or laidback-all it takes is just one glance at your shoes to know what exactly the kind of person you are. Just a take look at this shoe guide to decode what your shoes say about you and for others.

Those who wear boots are confident, and determined in their approach towards life, they exactly know what they want from life. These are strong willed person. People who prefer to wear boots with pointed toes are intensely ambitious and possess great leadership qualities. They are mostly worn by women who want to make a strong fashion statement plus are confident in their attribute.

Stilettos are definitely glamorous and elegant women’s choice. It shows their sophistication. Stilettos are usually donned by fashion conscious women who want to add that extra something to their outfit. Such women love being the center of attraction and attention plus enjoy dressing up. They are also confident, stylish and have lot of poise.

Women who normally wear mojris or the ballet shoes are intellectuals with an edge. But mind it, don’t get fooled by their excellent academic records, they have perky and funky side too. Flip-flops are worn by women who are mellow and in tune with reality. This usually shows a peppy, chilled-out attitude towards life which goes along with practical outlook towards things.

Platforms and wedge heels convey a contemporary look. Women have breezy but they are not willing to risk any injury to themselves. Such women are usually determined and ambitious in nature.

Though the comfort is essential to sandal wearer, but don’t get fooled by thinking that such women are least concerned about the fashion trends. Women who wear classic sandals with buckles are among those categories of people who want to get their work done any cost. Women wearing thong-style sandals do not feel shy or afraid to stand up for their views. Women who go for sexy sandals along with backless or sling back designs are sensuous.