Psychological Disorders


psychologydisorder If modernization has given you material luxuries and advancement, it has done so on the cost of your health and peace of mind. There are growing numbers of stress related problems that have taken birth as people are becoming more and more alienated and disintegrated from the true essence of living.

This in turn has increased the number of psychological disorders in today’s world. This article will throw light on certain psychological disorders and the causes behind them.

More and more people are being reported falling into depression and people of all age groups are affected by this psychological problem. Feeling of loneliness, unexpressed feelings and emotions, and even loss or grief can lead to the problem of depression.

Stress is another trigger for this psychological problem as people who are unable to handle stress properly can fall into depression and can also develop various other psychological problems like anxiety and panic disorders.

Schizophrenia is another kind of psychological problem which can often produce feelings of suicide in the person affected. Next we have the personality and behavioral disorders.

There are people who suffer from a split personality and there are also many children who have problems associated with behavioral control.

You must have seen some people getting suddenly angry and even violent in public. This is usually a symptom of impulse control disorders in which the person affected usually faces difficult keeping his anger under control.

Such people can often indulge in domestic violence and other asocial activities as they lack a control over their emotions. In addition, psychological problems are also characterized by certain settling of fear and phobia in people and this is particularly seen in children.

You should be aware of the various kinds of psychological disorders and their causes and warning signs so that along with preventing them, you cam also treat them on time.

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