Protect Your Baby’s Bottom from Diaper Rash

prevent Diaper Rash

Diaper rash is one of the most common problems which you are going to experience for your newborn. Although it may not be that difficult to cure, however as long as it stays, it is going to cause much discomfort for your little one. This mild irritation on the soft and tender bottom of your baby is mainly caused by the friction of diaper on the moist skin. As a result of this irritation the skin turns to get red and inflamed. If you can take certain precautions from beforehand, then perhaps you can control it to a minimum. Otherwise, there are remedies to take care of this problem.

As a precaution, you should be very careful to change the soiled diaper immediately whenever there is a bowel movement. Wash the area with warm water and pat dry, before putting your newborn into a fresh diaper. Also check the diaper in frequent intervals to find out the level of moisture inside it. It will be better to change the diaper every 2 hrs, so that it does not hold excessive moisture from passed urine. Whenever you change a diaper, make sure to clean the bottom with a soft wipe and wait until it gets completely dry.

If you find redness with mild irritation in the bottom of your baby, do not get late to apply the remedies. The best remedy of diaper rash is to apply the diaper rash creams on the affected area. These creams are easily available over the counter in every medical store. Apply the cream on to the cleaned skin surface, each time you change the diaper. You may also keep your baby without the diaper for sometime so that air can pass over the affected area.

It will help in fast drying of the rashes. In certain cases, diaper rash could occur due to presence of some chemicals or perfumes in the diapers. Your baby’s skin might be allergic to these substances. You may switch the brand of diapers to check whether the rashes reappear or not.

While you buy diapers, select the products which are more absorbent than others. If you prefer to use cloth diapers, then for the time being change it to disposable ones, as they are more effective in keeping the area dry and moisture-free.

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