Pros and Cons of Indoor Plants


indoorplants These days many people keep indoor plants to make their house and room look lively and beautiful. While there is no denying the fact that indoor plants add to the look of a house, they also have other benefits and certain drawbacks too. This article will throw light on some pros and cons of indoor plants.

All of us are taught about the benefits of green plants and trees from our early years. Plants absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and emit oxygen, refreshing the environment.

Thus, keeping plants indoors can help in naturally freshening up the environment of your house. In addition, according to recent research, plants can also help to remove certain environmental pollutants from the room and are thus beneficial for fighting indoor air pollution.

While plants add to the show of the house and are also beneficial in making your environment fresh and clean, they have some cons too. To begin with, having plants indoors does not suit everyone.

There are many people who develop allergies which can be characterized by running cold, continuous sneezes, and even asthma and breathing problems. This holds especially true for people who are allergic to pollens.

Having indoor plants also leads to increased humidity in the house. This increase in moisture in turn can lead to growth of molds and dust mites which in turn can cause allergic reactions in some people. However, in dry places, this point can be a plus as plants will help in preventing excessive dryness.

Thus, if you are fond of plants but are prone to allergies, then you must be careful in your plants selection. In addition, after you buy indoor plants, make sure you are well acquainted with their various needs and specifications so that you can properly take care of your indoor plants.