Pros and Cons of Blow Drying Your Hair

Hair dryer

Drying your hair with a blow dryer is very easy and it saves lots of time too. So, a blow dryer has become the most common gadget in every bathroom cabinet. In today’s fast lifestyle no one has that extra time to dry the wet hair in natural process.

Particularly, if you have to go out at early hours of the day or your hair is quite thick and long, then it is very critical to completely dry your hair for getting ready to be out. If you do not use a blow dryer, then either you have to be out in wet hair or you better not wash your hair. So, using the blow dryer is the best solution in this situation.

However, you might damage your hair while blow drying, if you do not follow certain guidelines. In fact, it is the most common belief against blow drying that excessive hot air from the dryer is not suitable for the hair. This concept is definitely true, but on the contrary if you use the dryer under certain limitation, then you can be on the safe side.

Even there is fare chance of destroying your hair through normal drying in some particular situations such as rubbing the wet hair with a dry towel or tightly tug your wet hair to blot the additional moisture and so on. These situations can also make your hair brittle, which can lead to broken hair.

When you use the blow dryer, you should make sure to hold it at a distance of 6 inches or so, from your hair. Also do not concentrate the hot air to blow in a particular area of your hair, instead keep on moving continuously all over your head. Never use the hair dryer, when your hair is still dripping water.

Gently use a towel first to soak the excess water and then use the blow dryer. To dry the hair of the inner part of your head, bend your head to bring all the hair in upside down position and then apply the hot air. Also remember not to overdo to completely dry the hair. Switch off the dryer, keeping your hair still little damp.