Proper Ways of Brushing Teeth


dent Brushing teeth is a regular routine for all of us. However, not many of us pay attention to the small intricacies of brushing teeth properly. This article will provide you with some helpful tips on brushing teeth so that you have strong and healthy teeth and a sparkling smile.

To have healthy and strong teeth, you just need to devote 2 minutes on proper brushing of your teeth. First of all, choose a good quality toothbrush. According to dentists, soft bristled brush can help for getting rid of plaque and harmful bacteria.

When it comes to brushing teeth, you must ensure that you are neither too soft nor too hard on your teeth. There are some people who skip a lot of teeth while brushing, leading to formation of bacteria and other dental problems.

Similarly, there are also many people who brush vigorously and are harsh on their gums and teeth and this in turn can damage teeth and also lead to bleeding gums. You should follow moderation and proper brushing techniques so that you have clean and bacteria free teeth.

You should ensure that when you brush, you clean all your teeth, both inner and outer teeth. This helps in removing small food particles which often get stuck in those areas of the teeth where we often neglect brushing.

You should always brush your teeth before sleeping as that helps in removing food particles from your teeth, thereby preventing tooth decay by bacterial attack.

Along with brushing your teeth, you should thoroughly clean your tongue using a tongue cleaner. These days, the back of your toothbrush has a tongue cleaner which can be used for optimum oral and dental care.

Thus follow the above given brushing tips so that you can keep your teeth clean and strong.

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