Processed food: please stay away

A superfluous fitness level and over all great sense of well being isn’t too tough to maintain. Inculcating different regimes of healthy eating habits along with effective work out can help a great way. A poor diet has pronounced effect on your life, affecting your moods and hampering the clarity of your mind. So it is important that whenever hunger strikes, feed yourself with high quality nutritious diet instead of propelling on ready made processed food stuffs. Processed food like white flour, breads, white sugar, cookies etc lowers down the metabolic rate of your body making you lethargic and worn-out.
The nutritional content of processed food gets stripped off during the cumbersome and weighty processes, making them harmful for your proper body functioning. Many chemical preservatives are added to them in order to increased their longevity and flavor. Such chemicals preservatives can be easily be found cereals, salad dressings, cookies etc in large quantities making them unhealthy for body. For e.g. white bread is a very good example of processed food. It is prepared from wheat flour after removing the bran, which lowers its nutritional worth plus dietary fiber content. Digesting such a processed food not only increases the blood sugar levels but burns less calorie. Whereas, unprocessed food like whole wheat bread require more energy to get digested, thus burns up more calories. It bears more nutritive worth than processed bread.

Blindly following the eating habits of west by incorporating the processed food in our daily diet, do no good. It would be wise only to follow the exercising patterns of west not their eating habits. It has been clinically proved that people who rely on processed food have more chances of heart disease than those on normal nutrition rich diet. Such people also suffer from diabetes and blood pressures.

No doubt, this well packed easily available processed food on the shelves on supermarkets may found to be irresistible for you, after a hard tiring day, but trust me your body will be grateful to you if you feed yourself with home cooked wholesome meal.

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