Preventing Nappy Rash in Babies


Nappy or diaper rash is a common skin problem faced by many babies and can be caused as a result of wet nappies, improper care of babies, infections and improper diet amongst others. For understanding the ways to prevent nappy rash in babies, it is essential to understand its causes. This article will provide you with easy preventive measures which take into account the various root causes of nappy rashes.

Nappy rashes are most commonly caused by wet nappies which stay for a long time on the baby’s skin, irritating it and making it susceptible to fungal and bacterial infections. Thus, as a parent, don’t put your child into discomfort and regularly change his diapers to keep his skin dry and hygienic. If your child is becoming cranky and irritated, you should look at his diaper to ensure it is dry and clean. Also, if your child is suffering from nappy rash, then let the baby’s skin dry and get some air by not making him wear a nappy for some time.

Along with ensuring to keep the baby’s buttocks and skin dry, you should wash your baby’s bottom and genitals with warm, soapy water and pat them dry to prevent nappy rashes which can occur due to chemicals and bacteria present in baby’s urine and faeces. Applying baby talcum powder or antiseptic powders and use of baby creams can also help in keeping the area dry, clean and hygienic to prevent it from nappy rashes.

While there are various kinds of zinc based creams and anti-fungal ointments for the treatment of nappy rashes in babies, they should be used only after consultation of a doctor. After all, baby’s skin is sensitive and one should not experiment or take chances with it. Follow the above given preventive measures to keep the problem of irritated and painful nappy rashes away from the happy and smiling life of your baby.

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