Precautions you should take while bursting crackers


Undoubtedly everyone wants to have a safe diwali. Bursting crackers can be fun on diwali, if proper precautions are taken. So here are some simple practical things that you should keep in mind while bursting crackers –just have a look on them!

Before bursting crackers, you should make sure that they are placed in an open ground and there are no inflammatory or combustible objects nearby. If you find any of such items, make sure you remove them from there that very moment.

Ensure that you keep the first aid box as well as two bucket full of water handy when bursting crackers. Dump all the waste and burned crackers in one bucket. In the event of any mishap or fire, pour the water from bucket to extinguish the flames. Remember that major fire is small when it starts.

Make sure you buy crackers only from licensed and reliable sellers to ensure full safety. Whenever you plan to burst to any new variety of fireworks, read out the instructions at the back of the packet to then follow them carefully.

Always make use of incense stick or a long firewood branch or a candle to light up the cracker, so that you are able to maintain a fine distance between your and crackers. Avoid using matchsticks and lighters for bursting crackers as they have open flames that can prove out to be really dangerous.

When you are bursting rockets, make sure they are not facing any opening window, door or any open building gate. Remember if rocket zoom in them, it may cause fire accidents.

Make sure you always kept firework’s stock away when you are busy bursting other crackers.

Whenever cracker take time or do not ignite immediately, remember do not to keep in trying to burst them. Move away immediately and throw some water to diffuse them.