Postpartum Exercises


After pregnancy, what a woman wants most is to get back in shape. If you have exercised throughout your pregnancy period and had normal delivery, you can safely perform post pregnancy workouts like walking, modified push-ups and stretching exercises within days of giving birth to your baby. Before beginning any kind of exercises, make sure to wait until your six week post partum check up is done. Remember a low moderate 30 minute walk thrice a day is a perfect way of exercising.

But if you had a cesarean baby, make sure to wait for at least 6-8 weeks before starting your exercising regime. In this case, Just start walking on an easy pace as it will promote healing and prevent complications like blood clots. It is very important that while performing any such simple exercises like this- you do not put any kind of strain on your stomach.

The best way of loosing your weight and toning your body is by combining the proper kind of weight training with brisk cardio-exercises in your post partum exercising plan. Perform different types of exercises and weight training programs on alternate days. Moderate cardio vascular activities can be performed thrice or twice a week. You can start them on a slow note and then gradually increase it. But in case of an abnormal delivery, make sure to ask your physician for the guidelines.

The safest way of exercising is when you breastfeed your baby. Wear a good quality sports bra and feed him/her before starting your workout session. Avoid any type of vigorous exercises.

If you were not following any exercising regime during your pregnancy period, it is very important that you consult with your doctor before indulging in any such fitness regime. Also, take guidelines that which kind of exercises can really benefit you in long run.