Post Hysterectomy Exercises


Exercises have been useful for the boosting up of one’s health and fitness levels. It has been found that post hysterectomy exercises can prove extremely helpful in a faster recovery. It has various benefits as along with boosting up the immune system, it also helps in stimulating the release of pain-relieving endorphins and also helps in fighting depression. Post Hysterectomy exercises also help in reducing stress, controlling and even reducing weight, reducing muscle tension, and improving the overall health of a person. However, you should consult your doctor before starting up with exercises. Moreover, you should follow only light to moderate exercises. Also ensure you do not pick heavy weights or overstrain yourself.

You can follow the following given exercises post hysterectomy. Try pelvic tilting which involves lying on back with one pillow under the head and both knees bent together. Then take a breath in and then slowly breathe out while pulling in your tummy muscles. Simultaneously, tilt your bottom upwards slightly and try to press the middle of your back against the mattress. Hold for a few seconds and then let go. You can also try straight abdominal exercises which involves lying flat with head on a pillow. Tighten your tummy muscles and hold tight. Then take your arms out towards your knees or crosses across your chest. Then raise your head, neck and shoulders to look at knees. Slowly lower and repeat this exercise 2 times daily.

Follow these simple exercises post hysterectomy for a faster and healthy recovery. However, be comfortable in what you do and always consult your doctor before starting any exercise. Also do not indulge in heavy weight lifting during the initial period of your exercise. It is always advisable to keep your exercises light and simple during your initial phase.