Positive Effects of Stress


We always associate stress as something negative which only deteriorates and eats away our health and happiness. While there is no denying the validity of this statement, it is also true that stress can be positive too, provided it’s in defined limits. Excessive stress can surely lead to various health problems like cardiovascular disorders and also other emotional and psychological problems. While we all are almost acquainted with negative effects of stress, let’s look at its few but true positive effects.

Most of us must have witnessed some sort of increased productivity when one is stressed and forced to think about giving the best during tough conditions. It’s not necessary that you always have to be bowed down before stress. You can always use it in a constructive way and use the energy of stress in the right direction for positive results. Thus a moderate amount of stress can raise productivity but one needs to ensure that stress is moderate only.

How do we check out the limit of stress? Well, if your stress is in limits, then you might get tensed before an exam, but that tension will also make you study harder. This is positive stress. Some kind of stress is needed or else people tend to become complacent and unprepared for various important situations of life.  However, if stress becomes a constant companion in your life and if you start feeling physically and emotionally stressed all times, then your productivity and efficiency will definitely be lowered. Not only this, you will also feel unhealthy. For instance, frequent headaches, sleeping difficulties, mood swings and others.

Thus, you should try to keep your stress level at a moderate level to leverage its benefits but not its drawbacks. After all, make stress your guest but definitely not your companion.

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