Planning for camping


Thinking about your schools trips, when you went with kiddie pals to places like ranikhet to taste the outdoorsy life? Well why not revisit those memories now again? You will be glad to read that the onset of spring is an ideal weather for camping. Just keep the following tips in your mind while planning your camping trip to make the most out of it.

Decide what would suit your needs and fit into your budget better- a tent or a camper van? If you have too many people in the group, hiring the camper van would make a sense. A typical camper van is equipped with a ‘pop-up’ roof, which is raised during camping or has a fixed high top roof. You will be glad to read that recreational vehicles like these are now easily available in India.

Buy a tarpaulin cover and a rain-resistant spray for your tent if it doesn’t have a rain fly. Most tents theses days have a rain fly that fits over the top of the tent for rain protection. During inclement weather, the rain fly protects the screened top from water while still allowing ventilation. Air mattresses are great for comfortable sleeping.

Make camp before dark. Traveling after the darkness has resulted in many accidents from falls, so travel with the daylight whenever possible.

Don’t eat large portions of food during the day as you want to swim and hike. In fact, keep all meals simple.

Build fires in a safe area. Your open fires and fuel burning appliances must be kept far away from the tent to prevent from sparking flames.

Pack in appropriate clothing (material that dry quickly) and pack light.

Don’t set up rigid schedule; plan enough outings to keep everyone happy but not stressed.

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