Pink Nursery Decorating Ideas

Pink Nursery Decorating Ideas

Pink Nursery Decorating Ideas Pink is a color that is synonymous with nursery décor and most mothers love painting their baby’s room pink, especially if they are expecting a girl. However, with the advent of time, new expectant mothers have acquired new design sensibilities and they want something fresh for their nursery.

Being creative with a baby’s nursery is the new trend so in keeping with it novel and unique ways of decorating the nursery have to be thought out. Here are a few creative ideas to help new mums settle with a décor for their little ones.

Pink Nursery Decorating Ideas

Opt For a Dual Colored Nursery for Your Baby

If pink should be the focal color of your baby’s nursery, you can team other colors with pink to come up with an unconventional look for the nursery. Choose a shade that will blend well with your shade, for e.g. a beautiful pearly white will look very elegant and chic for a baby nursery.

You can go a little off board with the traditional and choose a mild pastel green to blend with the baby pink. Synchronize the baby’s room with these two shades. If you have a pretty pink crib, you can opt for a green couch and a pink armchair to balance the two shades. For a white and pink room, you can use beautiful floral curtains and pristine white sheets for the baby.

Opt For Beautiful Murals on the Wall

If you want to go beyond the normal you can choose to highlight a single wall of your baby’s nursery by painting beautiful murals. Keep the rest of the walls basic and simple and go ornate with one. You can go for any color combination you want, but murals look beautiful if they are done in gold.

Pink Nursery Decorating Ideas

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You can also use very ornate wallpapers for a regal looking nursery for your princess. Magnificent alphabets of your babies name can also be a wonderful addition to your wall.

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Go For a Vintage Look With Pink and Brown Combination

If eclectic and quirky is your choice then you can try the classic combination of brown with pink in your baby’s room. You can have pink and brown striped walls or even one single horizontal brown stripe across the walls. Go fancy with your décor to give it an old world charm.

Your crib can be bought from a shop that sells antique designs or you can visit a thrift store for some cheap bargains. A cozy English armchair would be ideal to your nursery. You can add your own toys from your childhood to decorate the room. Choose a few distressed shelves for storing the baby’s things so that it goes with the old world look of the entire nursery. Lace curtains in baby pink would be the ideal match as well.

Pink Floral Nursery

Nothing can brighten up your home like flowers and floral patterns can. So go out and out with beautiful bright floral patterns for your nursery. Instead of painting the walls pink opt for light floral patterned wallpapers for the room. Do not go for a busy pattern but it must be soothing for the eyes.

You can have flower shaped cushions for the couch and the baby’s name can be printed with a floral pattern. All your bedding, sheets and rugs can have floral motifs on them to blend with the theme of your nursery. Use your imagination along with these ideas to come up with a pretty nursery for your little one.

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