Perk up interiors of your home with eco-friendly products


Do you know that adding greenery to the décor of your home can be very much soothing and healthy for you? There are numerous ways available in market through which you can decorate the interiors of your home in an eco-friendly manner. Items which are recycled, reclaimed, renewed or organic can be smartly used for perking up your home interiors.

Eco-friendly plantation wood and reclaimed wood can be used for furniture purpose. It is amazing the kind of exotic décor that repaired and redesigned old furniture can create. It gives the same picture as the antiques that had been discarded by you.

Make use of recycled papers to create amazing variety of artefacts like wall hangings, exotic sculptures, vases, bowls etc to add magical touch to the interiors of your home. Just put in little bit of your creativity and prepare your own designer piece. I am sure everyone visiting your home will get stunned by your lovely designer creations.

Also, broken tiles can be utilized for creating unique planter boxes or unique tabletops. Old silverware is an exotic display item and so are old plates that feature unique designs and shapes. Even old carpets can be salvaged by cutting out the worn out parts and converting the rest into attractive doormats and foot rugs. So what are you thinking now? Just create your own masterpiece that adds to the décor of your home.

For adding a nice magical touch to your home, lighting certainly plays a major role. However exotic the décor is, bad lightening can ruin the ambience. So choose them properly and carefully. Choose energy saving variety of bulbs. Go for lighter shades for walls as this makes your room appear brighter, bigger and necessitates less artificial lighting.