With so many Christmas parties to primp and preen for, having our lashes taken care of for the whole festive season is a gift all girlies should bestow on themselves this year! (Especially when strip lashes are so tricky to perfect – and end up on your cheek come midnight!) But I know the main reservation when taking the plunge with semi permanent lashes is how long will they last, and will I get my money’s worth? Well, fear not, as I have done the Lash Time Test and Perfect Eyelashes in London win hands down! Perfect Eyelashes Two months has to be some sort of record but last they did – and not only that but they stayed as perfectly in shape as the first day I had them done. No wonder Perfect Eyelashes are a fave with celebs! But don’t just take my word for it, here is photographic evidence of just how well the lashes lasted. In those two months  I trekked to Mount Rainier in Washington… PerfectLashes …sunbathed in the heat of LA for Birthday shenanigans on a rooftop pool in Hollywood… PerfectLashes …even hit the blistery Autumn beaches of Majorca… PerfectEyelashes …and yet only a lash or two would shed now and again. Even when the time came for all the lashes to come out, they seemed to drop out all at once over a day or so and didn’t pull any of my own lashes with them. (Which I have experienced with other brands in the past!) So girls, I genuinely recommend Perfect Lashes and their wonderfully skilled and friendly team this festive party season! Go forth and look gorgeous this Christmas! You deserve this gift to yourself!