Parenting after Divorce


ParentingDivorce When we think of divorce, we generally think of a couple who separate into individuals and decide to lead an independent life of their own.

However, a divorce can have severe adverse repercussions on the child.

The child suddenly finds himself in no man’s land with his life shattered and disintegrated due to his parent’s divorce.

Parenting your child after divorce is a tough but an extremely important task. You need the right kind of parenting to avoid your child moving into the path of self-destruction. Here are some tips that can help you to positively and effectively parent your child after your divorce.

If you have got the custody of your child after divorce, you should avoid sabotaging your child’s relationship with the other parent. This is a common parenting mistake many divorced parents make.

However, your divorce cannot break the bonds your child shares with his parents. Thus, respect your child’s feelings and don’t try to force him to not meet his other parent. Instead, it has been found that co-parenting after divorce can help.

When a divorce takes place, there are bitter feelings and those feelings often get transferred on the child. Don’t vent out your anger on your child. Your child is as much, if not more, hurt by your divorce and instead of venting out your frustration on him, you should shower lover, care and affection on your child.

Make your child understand the circumstances and support him emotionally. However, you should avoid giving your child one-sided partial reasons for the divorce. Don’t influence his thinking and you should never try to destroy the image of love and respect your child has for the other parent.

As a parent, you should not let your divorce affect your parenting or the future of your child. If required, seek help and advise of your divorced partner as after all, you can be divorced as husband and wife but you cannot be divorced as parents.

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  • Thanks for the post, surviving divorce and separation is hard to deal with.
    I’ve experienced how surviving divorce with children is hard.