Paint Your Dream home

One’s house is one’s lifetime investment and everyone wants to paint their dreams into it. The best way to turn your house into your dream home is by painting it according to your desire. A well painted house with bright as well as soothing colors not only grabs the attention of everyone, but also provides a feeling of comfort, joy and pride to the people staying in it.

One’s house is like a canvas in which one can paint one’s dreams. Painting one’s house does not imply only internal painting but also extends to the external surface of the house. Depending upon the size of one’s house, one may choose the different kinds of colors for it. However, one needs to be careful in striking a balance between the colors as they should neither be too many nor too few. If you have a small house, you should go in for lighter colors as light colors make your house seem larger. Similarly, dark colors make one’s house look smaller but draws attention to details. Contrasting colors draw attention to architectural details while extreme colors detract the attention from it. Thus, one should strive to achieve a harmonious balance between the colors one chooses so that they gel well and soothe the eyes. The best option is to go in for a solid background with a few splashes of colors to bring about the right effect.

Areas like the trim around the windows and doors need to be painted with a different color to bring about an added effect. While many people opt for white, one can also use darker shade of the prevailing base color of the house to bring about the desired effect. If one has a darker base color, then one should go in for contrasting colors for these regions.

While many people think only about the color of the paint, the type of paint being used plays an important role to decide the durability of one’s color. One needs to decide the type of paint owing to the external conditions of the place where one’s house is located. While water based paints need more touching up than acrylic one, the latter has the tendency to dry up fast. Similarly, glossy paints provide the house with a shine but that shine can be too glaring if one particularly lives in a sunny region. On the contrary, paints with a matte finish can leave your house looking dull.

Thus, along with choosing the right kind of colors, one needs to choose the right kind of paint according to one’s needs and requirements so that one can make ones house a dream home.