With the kids attached to their XBox and iphones this Christmas families may need a helping hand in coming together and really connecting over the festive season! And so helping us to do just that is games company Gibsons! Along with old classics such as Solitaire (my personal favourite, something you can play alone or challenge family members to beat your best) they have just released the super fun “Pass The Bomb“! Gibson's Games

Pass The Bomb is an urgent race against the clock (or ticking bomb in this case) to complete a series of words using the letter sprung on you when it’s your turn! It’s a great one to make you really think but it’s suitable for kids, parents and grannies alike!

Head on over to GibsonsGames.co.uk to check out their wide selection of puzzles, jigsaws and board games to entertain all ages this festive season! And lets face it, when the chocolates are finished, dad is asleep and the TV is rubbish, we all need a little something to keep the kids happy!