Nutritional Benefits of Eggs


Do you like to have eggs in your breakfast but are afraid of rising cholesterol? Well, as against the rumors of eggs leading to cardiovascular problems and high cholesterol, inclusion of eggs in the diet is being associated with healthy living. Eggs contain high nutritional value and thus, their consumption can provide the body with energy and health. So, read below to find out the nutritional benefits of eggs.

Eggs are healthy but should be eaten in moderation for maximum health benefits. Lets look the nutritional richness of eggs. The most basic and well known nutrients in eggs are proteins (found in the white portion of eggs) and fat (found in the yellow yolk of eggs). It’s due to the high protein content in eggs that it is used by bodybuilders in their diet. Additionally, the protein present in eggs is easily absorbed by the body.

Along with being a rich source of protein, eggs also contain other important vitamins and minerals. They contain vitamins A, D, B and B vitamins to aid in the overall health of the body. These numerous vitamins present in eggs help in the overall health of skin and hair along with aiding in the strengthening of bone (with the help of vitamin A) and formation of nerve fibers (B vitamins). Along with important vitamins, eggs also contain minerals like iron, zinc, phosphorus, iodine, calcium and selenium for the optimum functioning of the body.

Though there are numerous advantages of eating eggs, both in terms of nutritional and health benefits, one should follow moderation while consuming eggs. That is say, don’t eat more than 2 eggs a day because egg yolk is basically fat. Thus, eat healthy and eat eggs in correct amount to gain its numerous health and nutritional benefits.

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