Nutrition for Teens


Teenage is a time of various physical, hormonal and biological changes in the body. This requires special attention towards a wholesome nutritious diet so as to cope up with the rapid development process. But, often we see most of the adolescents indulging in unhealthy and erratic eating habits. Moreover, many teenage girls in particular, stop eating proper meals in an attempt to lose weight– the size zero craze. However, as parents, you need to ensure that your teenage child gets adequate nutrients required for healthy growth.

With teenage, comes the freedom of moving out with friends, often witnessed in restaurants with plates of unhealthy food. On another extreme are those who starve themselves for that perfect figure- without caring for health. You need to understand that teenage body has its own particular demands for the healthy formation of bones, immune system and for the overall development process of the body. Taking care of proper nutrition now would help you to reap its benefits for years to come. Teenage children need adequate amount of calcium through diet and this requirement is more in case of girls. Calcium aids in the healthy development of bones which in turn prevents various problems like osteoporosis in later stages of life. Similarly, iron is another essential nutrient which needs to be provided to the body through nutritious diet. Start your day in a healthy way by taking a bowl of cereal with milk. Having healthy meal does not imply a total sacrifice of your favorite food items. Cut down in the quantity of your burger and pizza intake and include apple, fresh fruit or vegetable along with it. Ensure that your meals follow the rules of food pyramid. Also, do not skip meals as that would only make you unhealthy and prone to ailments; not thin. You need to exercise along with proper diet for a perfect figure as skipping meals would only provide you with thinness which is short-lived and which is accompanied by various ailments.

Eat properly; include all nutrients through a healthy diet and exercise to complement your diet so that you can develop into a healthy adult.

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