Nursery Decorating Ideas

baby nursery

As you prepare to bring the little bundle of joy into this world, there are a number of things that you need to consider.

Foremost among the preparations that you need to do for the arrival of your newborn is decorating a nursery for your precious one.

This is a special room where you will be sharing some of the most precious moments with your baby. You thus need to ensure that the nursery room décor is beautiful, fun and organized as well.

If you are opting for a theme for the nursery room then you need to ensure that the furniture, bedding, wall decals, toys and other elements of the nursery decoration are in sync with the theme. Animals, cartoon characters like Winnie the Pooh or Teddy Bears, floral design or beautiful celestial decor can add a spark to the nursery.

In case you do not want to use a theme for the nursery then use a color scheme that is soothing and calm. Colors like yellow, light blue, mint green, rose, peach and other pastel shades are preferred over more garish bright colors like red or black. These warm colors create a feeling of warm coziness and add interest to the nursery. Decorate the walls with beautiful wall décor like pictures of your baby or wall art collage. There are a number of peel and stick cartoon and other wall stickers available in the market that you can use.

Nursery furniture needs to be chosen with care. You will essentially need a crib, a changing table and bright big closets with shelves to store the baby’s clothes and diapers. A rocking chair or a comfortable recliner to hold and cuddle your baby and a bed for those late night wakeup calls can also be added for your comfort.

Ensure that the crib that you choose adheres to the safety standards and the linen that you use is not only attractive but is also safe for your newborn. Furniture in the nursery should have rounded edges that will cause minimal harm to your baby who will soon be crawling around everywhere keen to explore new spaces.

Use bright colored curtains or window blinds to cover the windows when the baby is sleeping. However at other times roll up the blinds to ensure that natural light enters the room. Lastly add toys and accessories to the nursery and transform the room into a haven for your little one

Parul Solanki