Nose Piercing Aftercare

Nose piercing is one of the latest trend and fashion statement amongst youngsters of both genders. Initially considered as a portfolio of girls, nose piercing has become quite popular with boys who try to support a funky image through these piercing procedures. Once your nose is pierced, you have to take great aftercare of it to prevent the formation of infections and other skin related problems. Since the nose is a cartilage and doesn’t heal in the same easy way as flesh, one has to be extra careful about Nose piercing aftercare to avoid any complications.

The first thing which one must ensure is that the ornament which one is wearing on the nose is of a certified quality which will cause no adverse effect on the skin. People who get their nose pierced often develop the problem of small lump formation around the pierced area known as granulomas. The best way to heal this problem is by applying hot compresses one the wound. Using warm cloth, electric heat pad or hot water bottle on the piercing can help in increasing the blood circulation which in turn can aid in the healing process. The piercing generally takes 8-10 weeks to heal effectively. One must follow extra care and protection during this time to avoid any problem. Having a diet rich in nutrients can be helpful in the increasing the pace of the healing process. Most of the infections occur due to constant touching and playing with the pierced area and jewellery. However, one should touch the piercing only when one is cleaning it to prevent the formation and spread of infections. Cleaning the piercing every day is essential to ensure the proper hygiene of the area and the piercing can be cleaned with the help of a wet cotton wool ball soaked in salt water. Use of lavender oil can promote faster healing as it helps in lubricating the wound thereby reducing tenderness. However, one should avoid using alcohol or mentholated spirits for the cleansing process as they can harm the delicate tissue around the nose. One needs to follow proper aftercare procedures to ensure a healthy and an effective healing of the pierced area.