North Indian Recipe Of Delicious Dum Aloo

North Indian Recipe Of Delicious Dum Aloo

North Indian Recipe Of Delicious Dum Aloo Potato is considered the king of vegetables. This is proved by the fact that potatoes are consumed all over the world and it is cooked in countless ways. Potato is liked and enjoyed by everyone, especially the children. Potato belongs to the family of root vegetables.

It is loaded with carbohydrates which makes it suitable for underweight people. Potatoes are easy to digest because of its carbohydrate content, thus it is a good diet for patients and babies who cannot digest heavy foods but need to boost their energy level. Potato also contains vitamin C, B complex and minerals like potassium, magnesium, phosphorous and zinc.

Potato has anti oxidant properties and it is used for treating various types of skin problems. The pulp of potato is used in face packs to remove skin pigmentation, blemishes and dark circles around the eyes. It also helps to tighten the skin and to reduce wrinkles.

Potato can be boiled, roasted or fried to make different dishes. Kids die for French fries and it is their favourite snack. The following recipe of Dum Aloo is most popular in Northern part of India. In this recipe potatoes are fried to give it richness, but if you want to reduce the calories then use boiled potatoes to make the dish.


Small Potato (Aloo)- 1 kg
Medium sized Onion- 4 pieces
Medium sized Tomato- 6 pieces
Ginger- 1 inch piece
Garlic- 1 piece
A few pieces of green chillies
Bay leaves- 4
Cinnamon- 4 pieces
Cloves- 6-8 pieces
Green Cardomom- 4 pieces
Salt to taste
Red chilli powder- 1 teaspoon
Dry coriander powder- 2 tea spoon
Turmeric powder- 1 tea spoon
Cumin seed- 1 tea spoon
Garam masala powder- 1 teaspoon
Fresh cream- 2 table spoon
Curd- 2 table spoon
Fresh coriander for garnish
Oil for deep frying


1. Peel, wash and roughly chop onion, garlic and ginger. Wash and chop green chillies. Grind them together to make a paste. Set aside.

2. Wash and puree the tomatoes. Keep aside.

3. Par boil the potatoes in a pressure cooker. Take out when cool. Peel the potatoes and keep aside.

4. Heat oil for frying in a vessel. Lightly fry the potatoes till golden brown. Remove on an absorbent paper and set aside to cool.

5. In a large vessel heat 2 tablespoon of oil, put cumin seeds and fry for 1 minute, add bay leaves, cardamom, cloves and cinnamon and fry for 1 minute.

6. Add onion paste and fry till the oil separates. Add tomato puree and fry till the moisture evaporates. Add all the spices except Garam masala powder. Mix well.

7. Beat the cream and curd lightly and add to the masala. Keep stirring continuously to prevent the curd from curdling.

8. When the masala is properly blended, add fried potatoes and mix well. Add 1 cup water .Cover with a lid and let it simmer for 10 to 15 minutes.

9. Switch off the gas,sprinkle garam masala on top and transfer the dish in a serving bowl. Garnish with finely chopped fresh coriander and a little fresh cream.

10. Serve hot with Roti or Nan.


If small potatoes are not available, you can take large sized potatoes. Do not boil them, but peel and cut them into big chunks. Pierce them with a fork and deep fry. They will take a little more time to get cooked after you put them in the masala.

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