Neck Strengthening Exercises

With the increasing number of desk jobs, especially those involving the need to sit in front of computers for hours, there has been an increase in the number of people complaining of neck pain and stiffness. In today’s technologised world, it has become essential to perform certain stretching exercises for the neck to relax and strengthen its muscles. One should not neglect this important portion of the body as neglecting it is nothing but an act of suicide which can lead to various health related problems in future.

Following some given exercises, one can ensure the proper health of one’s neck.

Neck Lateral Resistance
This exercise helps in bringing about a workout of all the lateral muscles of the neck. To do this exercise, one should hold one hand against the side of one’s head. Use the other hand to resist the movement as you try to touch your shoulder with your ear. One should hold this procedure till a count of 5.

Cervical Retraction
This is another form of neck exercise which demands that one sits up straight by keeping the chin in level. One should then gently pull the chin straight in as if one is hiding against a wall. The back of your neck should feel long and the highest point of your body should be the top back or your head. This is a good postural exercise to perform during the day, especially when one is doing computer work.

Stretching Exercises
The stretching exercise for the muscles of the neck involves the simple and basic exercise of moving your head up and down. One can also tilt one’s head towards the shoulder and move it from one shoulder to the other for about 3-5 times to stretch and relax the neck muscles. These simple exercises help in relieving the stress, tension and fatigue from the muscles of one’s neck thereby ensuring their proper health.