Natural Ways to Soothe Tired Eyes


puffyeyes The regular stress and strain of life takes a toll on your eyes too. Many of us suffer from tired and puffy eyes after spending long hours in front of the computer. This article will provide you with some natural ways by which you can provide relief to your tired eyes.

When your eyes are overworked and strained, you tend to experience blurriness in vision. Understand your body’s signal and take a break as tired and weak eyes can lead to burning and itchy eyes and can also cause headaches. Thus, you must take a break and try soothing and relaxing your tired eyes using the below given natural ways.

When we think about soothing our tired eyes, the first thing that comes to mind is the use of cucumber. Though old, this formula still works and is the most popular and reliable home remedy for tired eyes.

Cucumbers are known for their cooling effect and applying a slice of cucumber on each eye can help in relaxing and soothing your tired and burning eyes. Similarly, you can also apply a cool cloth over your eyes for about 5 to 15 minutes.

Use of tea bags is another common home remedy for soothing tired eyes. All you need to do is to apply tea bags on your eyes. You can keep few tea bags in the freezer and apply these chilled tea bags on your eyes to find relief from tired eyes. Washing your eyes frequently with cold water is also beneficial in naturally soothing tired eyes.

Along with the above given tips, you must ensure you get proper rest and sleep. This will help in keeping your eyes healthy. In addition, take frequent breaks while at work so that you are not continuously staring at your computer screen.

Follow the above given tips to naturally soothe your tired eyes.

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